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Sancho, just as you want people to believe what you have seen in the sky, I want you to believe what I saw in the Cave of Montesinos. And that is all I have to say.

("Don Quixote")

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That's the nature of women, not to love when we love them, and to love when we love them not.
Miguel de Cervantes

I do not say a proverb is amiss when aptly and reasonably applied, but to be forever discharging them, right or wrong, hit or miss, renders conversation insipid and vulgar.
Miguel de Cervantes

Fear has many eyes and can see things underground.
Miguel de Cervantes

Truth indeed rather alleviates than hurts, and will always bear up against falsehood, as oil does above water.
Miguel de Cervantes

That which costs little is less valued.
Miguel de Cervantes

The Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance.
Miguel de Cervantes

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