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I was thinking it was worth the risk if it meant forever with my faery girlfriend.

("Fragile Eternity")

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He was an answer to a question she'd forgotten to ask.
Melissa Marr

Maybe the girl would get strong enough to withstand an ink exchange with one of the chosen faeries. If not, he could always give her to one of the weaker fey. It seemed a shame to waste a lovely broken toy.
Melissa Marr

I still dream that it was you. No matter how many times I've looked, in my dreams it's always been you who were meant to be my queen.
Melissa Marr

I don't know why certain people shine for others. I don know why you and not someone else
Melissa Marr

She was afraid, but she couldn't just sit around waiting for someone to save her. She had to try to save herself, try to figure it out.
Melissa Marr

What does it mean when nightmares dream of peace? When shadows wish for light?
Melissa Marr

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