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(About Man)

The wise man is one who, knows, what he does not know.

("Tao Te Ching")

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Simulated disorder postulates perfect discipline; simulated fear postulates courage; simulated weakness postulates strength.
Lao Tzu

Muddy water, let stand becomes clear.
Lao Tzu

Remember if you can cease all restless activity, your integral nature will appear.
Lao Tzu

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
Lao Tzu

If the Great Way perishes there will morality and duty. When cleverness and knowledge arise great lies will flourish. When relatives fall out with one another there will be filial duty and love. When states are in confusion there will be faithful servants.
Lao Tzu

Knowing others is wisdom Knowing the self is enlightenment Mastering others requires force Mastering the self needs strength
Lao Tzu

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