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Completion of this transaction strengthens our balance sheet, increases shareholder value and allows us to focus more of our energies on our core railroad business,

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From the point of view of the economy, we are in a good spot, ... It is a broad-based recovery, touching all parts of the country, every region, touching virtually every sector.
John Snow

I want to press them on it, though, and let them know the importance of them moving soon.
John Snow

We're simply making an inquiry to make sure we're on top of the situation in the Treasury markets, ... The reason to do this is simply to make sure that we're on top of the situation, understand the dynamics of that market.
John Snow

Before, people were making bond, and while they were out on bond before their trial they would get busted again.
John Snow

The initial steps by China to increase its exchange rate flexibility played an important part in this decision,
John Snow

The most important factor leading to our trade deficit is that the U.S. economy has had much higher rates of economic growth and job creation than our major trading partners over the past decade,
John Snow

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