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When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

("A Game of Thrones")

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Power resides where men believe it to reside.
George R.R. Martin

The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice...
George R.R. Martin

My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.
George R.R. Martin

I should say something, but what? Pardon me, Father, but it's our brother she wants to marry?
George R.R. Martin

Littlefinger looked like a boy who had just taken a furtive bite from a honeycomb. He was TRYING to watch for bees, but the honey was so sweet.
George R.R. Martin

If a man paints a target on his chest, he should expect that sooner or later someone will loose an arrow on him.
George R.R. Martin

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