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One of the best things is that a job at Copper will do different things for people. An actual resort management experience might be something they can use as a gateway into this setting.

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When you are up front, they don't let you go. I had a bad day in Andorra yesterday and in Cerler they watched me, and besides, I didn't go well. I waited for Mancebo at a bad moment and that was good for me to catch the group.
Carlos Garcia

There's nothing I can do. He came to third base with his head down.
Carlos Garcia

With him, it's all about the footwork. He's special that way. He's learned this year to know who the runner is and how much time he has. This kid is in the right spot at the right time 100 percent of the time.
Carlos Garcia

It translates but there are some words that don't. It was difficult but mainly we do the Spanish production because a lot of parents don't speak English.
Carlos Garcia

It's all about the hands. It's a drill to take all the body motion out of fielding the ball. You just want your hands to get used to reacting.
Carlos Garcia

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