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I thought (Bass) was going to go up there and at least make one. I thought he played really well tonight. There's a lot of things he still has to learn, but his energy and his effort were big for us.

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It doesn't hurt us defensively. We're probably a little better defensively but it definitely hurts us offensively. He's one of the guys that we can spread the defense out a little bit with his shooting ability.
Byron Scott

We're excited. We bring in another athlete, a 7-foot athlete, 24 years old who runs and jumps and does a lot of the things that we want here. I think he'll fit in extremely well.
Byron Scott

I stop talking when people don't listen. I'm not going to waste my breath.
Byron Scott

I think our guys, being in the Finals for the first time, were a little nervous. Once we relaxed and got into the game, we were OK.
Byron Scott

Our defense took over in the fourth quarter, and I was proud of the way our team played. Even though we won the game, we have a lot of things to learn. Our athleticism and quickness are the keys to our team, and we need to use them to our advantage.
Byron Scott

I really don't think they'll have the residency, the economics to support a second franchise. I think our attendance would probably be worse, because I don't think you have enough people. That's my main concern.
Byron Scott

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