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We need better services, to do more for the people. We need to remember that, with capitalism, all that glitters is not gold.

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I think that there are a lot of people waiting for the moment that someone will fight for their right to make a living with respect, to grow old with respect.
Amir Peretz

We have no intention of allowing negotiations to take place, or allowing a third party to force us to recognize an organization that openly seeks to destroy Israel.
Amir Peretz

He can implement these things now, there is no need to wait until a new government is formed. Every day, it gets worse.
Amir Peretz

To think of a coalition between myself and Bibi Netanyahu requires great imagination. There is no chance. There is a great chasm between us. He is a right-wing extremist both politically and economically... I will bring social justice and peace.
Amir Peretz

The time has come for us to stop paying attention to the pollsters. I will prove the pollsters wrong again.
Amir Peretz

I'm letting him choose between late February and late March.
Amir Peretz

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