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The Ministry of the Pans

She invoked his story, his memory,
his ministry of the pans
washing the pots, the pans
of the monastery,
humble service, noble servant
being the servant to the servants
doing all he did, for the love of God,
whatever the chore, the task
Living his love of God
present with God, in these works
So it is with others, on my path,
working in the kitchen, in the shadows
behind the scenes a bit
the crew we rely on
to do those manual tasks
trying to do this work, in our time
as Brother Lawrence
in the living presence of God

August 30, 2008
Matthew 14:22-33, Psalm 69:1-3, Psalm 130:1,
the story of Brother Lawrence,
and sermon, "Reach Out Your Hand",
by Reverend Lori Eldredge,
North Kingstown United Methodist Church
August 10, 2008