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The Image of Journey

The image of journey
to understand our faith
the living it out
seeing God's face
Walking with him
confessing our sin
turning from the world
picking up our cross
Going as we are led
hearing our Savior's voice
turning our lives to him
because of his choice
Dying that we may live
healing our stain
faithful to the Master
suffering such pain

May 21, 2011
inspired in part by the book, Companions in Christ: Embracing the Journey Participant's Book Vol. 1 (Revised)
The Way of Christ
A Small-Group Experience in Spiritual Formation
By Rueben P. Job, Marjorie J. Thompson
Part 1, Week 4: "Sharing the Journeys of Faith"
Galatians 1:11-2:1
Mark 12:28-30
Psalm 116
Psalm 107
Psalm 136
Augustine of Hippo
Martin Luther
Mother Teresa
Evelyn Underhill

Faith, God, Christ, grace, Methodist, God's purpose, calling, law, writing poetry, words, salvation, journey, Walk to Emmaus, Spirit, Luke 24, Galatians 1, Mark 12, Psalm 116, Psalm 106, Psalm 136,

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