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    Rhodon And Iris. Act I (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Poneria, Agnostus.Ag.   Is the worlds eye not yet asleepe? Po.   Hath Jove not yet put on his starry night-cap?  No; nor Juno her spangl’d smocke? Ag.   What, hath Hesperus forgot to light heavens tapers up?  Or be the Charret wheeles of Night o’re loaden  with the … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act III (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Clematis Solo   Well, if I were but once rid of her service,   If I ever serv’d love-sicke mistris againe,   I would feed all my life time on Agnus Castus,   And give all the world leave to let me dye a maid:   I even spoyld a … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act V (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Acanthus, Anthophotus.An.    Thou speak’st of things beyond beleefe, Acanthus. Ac.    Too true it is, I shrewdly feare,   For every circumstance makes it appeare   That Rhodon in the mirtle grove, last night,   Had private conference with Iris,   From whom (it seemes) he tooke the venom’d potion,   For now … Continue reading

    Rhodon And Iris. Act IV (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    SCEN. 1.Iris, Panace, Violetta.Ir.    Curst was the wight that did in murther first   Embrue his guilty hands: curst was that hand     Which first was taught by damned hellish art   To forge the killing blade in Vulcans flames:   What raging fury raignes in mortall brests,   That man should … Continue reading

    A Threnode (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Upon the Death of those two Honourable Gentlemen, Sir JOHN BURROWES, late Lieutenant of the English Infantrie in the Ile of Ree, and Sir WILLIAM HEYDON, Lieutenant of the Ordinance   The thousand Torch-bearers of Jove,  Which mightily to his Bed him … Continue reading

    Funerall Elegy 3. (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    When Hils, and Valleys, wrap’t in sheets of snow,  Did pennance for their summer luxury,  And Winter old unto the world did show,  The Sceletons of trees, muffling the skye  With vapours cold, and strewing frequently  The earth with wat’ry confects, then I stood  On that … Continue reading

    A Gallery To The Temple. The Pilgrimage (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Errours of youth.  How did my sorowes mount above  My hopes, and threate  Me to defeate,  While I did wander in a grove,  Through crooked pathes of doubts, and feares,  Where little light of joy appeares.  On neither hand I could descry,  A beacon bright,  To sett mee right,  No … Continue reading

    Funerall Elegy 2. (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Retreate (sad passions) to your chanels now,  Let sorrowes inundations cease to flow:  Griefes, (which distinguish Mortals from the Gods)  Ought to be limited with periods,    Lest action by such torrents overborne,  Should vertue leave abandon’d to the scorne  Of faithlesse Fortune, her undoubted slave  Then cease … Continue reading

    A Gallery To The Temple. The Dialogue (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    Soule  Nor wealthy mines, nor mineralls I seeke:  My thoughts are low, and meeke,  And like a tender leeke  Both white, and greene; Though like a Cedar high,  Yet ever groweing by  Unfain’d humility:  And though I may submisse, and humble seeme,  My hopes are levelld for a … Continue reading

    A Gallery To The Temple. Peace (Ralph Knevet Poems)

    (Peace) whether ar’t thou fled? Thy native soyle  Is Christendome:  Into what unknowne Ile  Ar’t Thou retir’d from us?  What made thee to estrange thy self from home?  Turne exile thus:    Salem, lyes in her ruines buryed,  And yeldes no place,  For Thee to rest thy head,  ‘Cause Shee … Continue reading

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