Self-esteem Poems (19 Poems)

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    Paradise Lost : Book VIII. (John Milton Poems)

    The Angel ended, and in Adam’s earSo charming left his voice, that he a whileThought him still speaking, still stood fixed to hear;Then, as new waked, thus gratefully replied.What thanks sufficient, or what recompenceEqual, have I to render thee, divineHistorian, … Continue reading

    The Minstrel; Or, The Progress Of Genius : Book I. (James Beattie Poems)

    I.Ah! who can tell how hard it is to climbThe steep where Fame’s proud temple shines afar!Ah! who can tell how many a soul sublimeHath felt the influence of malignant star,And wag’d with Fortune an eternal war!Check’d by the scoff … Continue reading

    Experience (Jane Taylor Poems)

    –A COSTLY good ; that none e’er bought or soldFor gem, or pearl, or miser’s store, twice told :Save certain watery pearls, possessed by all,Which, one by one, may buy it as they fall.Of these, though precious, few will not … Continue reading

    A Fable (Jane Taylor Poems)

    ONE day a sage knocked at a chemist’s door,Bringing a curious compound to explore.–‘Behold ! said he, as from his vest he drew it,‘This little treasure in a golden cruet :A life, a long one, for my locks are grey,In … Continue reading

    A Leap Year Episode (Hattie Howard Poems)

    Such oranges! so fresh and sweet,   So large and lovely–and so cheap!   They lay in one delicious heap,    And added to the sumptuous feast  For each and all in taste expert  The acme of all fine dessert;    So, singling out the very least  As in itself an … Continue reading

    The Malefactor’s Plea (James Kenneth Stephen Poems)

       Of sentences that stir my bile,    Of phrases I detest,   There’s one beyond all others vile;    “He did it for the best.”   Of course he did: I don’t suppose,    Nor can you think I should,   The man’s among my deadliest foes,    Or is not fairly good.   Of course he did it for the best:   What should he do it for?  But did he do it? that’s the test:   I ask to know no more.  Alas! he did: and here am I,   Quite ruined, half disgraced;    And you can really ask me why   My wrath is not effaced:  And there is he, good worthy man,   With self-esteem possessed,  Still saying, as of course he can,   “I did it for the best.”  No evil deed was ever done,   Or honest man withstood,  Since first this weary world begun,   Except for someone’s good.  And can it signify to me   Whose good he did it for?  Mine was it? thus ’twas wont to be,   And will be ever more.  When inoffensive people plant   A dagger in your breast,  Your good is what they really want:   They do it for the best. (James Kenneth Stephen)

    Patience (Caroline Fry Poems)

    Patience, when heathen darkness veil’d the world,Was that high spirit of unbending pride,That dar’d to err, but was asham’d to suffer.When man, unknowing of the God that made him,Unknowing of himself, indignant sawHe could not turn aside the bitter shaftsOf … Continue reading

    Percy Vere, The Peer’s Story – Introduction (Ernest Jones Poems)

    TO MY READERS,- MY Life has been a wild, strange life,Now lulled in love-now wrapt in strife;I’ve had my dreams as most have had,Like others have been good and bad,Like others have but lived to saveA wreck-a thought-a hope-a grave;Have … Continue reading

    Reflections on the Close of the Year; Being Also My Birth-day (Caroline Fry Poems)

    ‘Tis past—and the recording angel bearsTo Heaven the record of another year—Another year of nature’s and of mine!Nature has known no change.— The spring has bloom’d,The autumn has fulfill’d the summer’s promise,And winter’s mantle wraps her in repose.Nature has known … Continue reading

    Sonnet L: “This is the perfect crown of all things here!” (George Henry Boker Poems)

    L This is the perfect crown of all things here! So proud am I, in my own self-esteem, I touch myself with reverence, and seem A something set apart from all things near. I shrink from contact with a sacred … Continue reading

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