Nancy Byrd Turner Poems on Man (12 Poems)

August (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

Oh, such a funny August house--  It really was like a zoo,  For animals roamed in all the rooms  (Even a kangaroo);  Such sociable, ...

June (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

The June house wasn't a house at all,  But a level and leafy place,  Where a gypsy scamp had pitched his camp--  A ...

April (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

The April house was near a pond;  It was made of reeds and of rushes,  All helter-skelter and out of kelter,  And ringed ...

March (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

The March house, strangely, was built in a tree,  With a fluttering roof of leaves,  And strong, straight boughs for the walls ...

May (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

A green-thatched cottage was May's sweet home  With velvet moss for a floor,  And a clambering vine in the gay sunshine,  And a ...

July (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

The July house was an old, old house,  With an old, old man inside,  Who told them stories of other days,  Stories of ...

September (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

Very familiar September seemed:  A flag-pole stood in the yard,  And the little path that led from the road  Was trampled bare and ...

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