Nancy Byrd Turner Poems on Children (9 Poems)

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    December (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    The house of December was all aglow,  Each room was jolly and red;  There were bulgy stockings ranged in a row,  And holly hung overhead.  A silver star hung fair and far,  A silver bell rang clear;  And some Christmas children came out and cried,  “Come in … Continue reading

    August (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    Oh, such a funny August house–  It really was like a zoo,  For animals roamed in all the rooms  (Even a kangaroo);  Such sociable, smiling, friendly beasts!  As soon as the travelers came,  They hurried out with extended paws,  Announcing, each, his name. “Why, how in the … Continue reading

    April (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    The April house was near a pond;  It was made of reeds and of rushes,  All helter-skelter and out of kelter,  And ringed by gooseberry bushes.  The April Fool on the chimney sat,  In pointed shoes and a pointed hat,  And welcomed the three with a … Continue reading

    Zodiac Town (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    Amos and Ann had a poem to learn,  A poem to learn one day;  But alas! they sighed, and alack! they cried,  ‘Twere better to go and play.  Ann was sure ’twas a waste of time  To bother a child with jingling rhyme.  Amos said, “What’s … Continue reading

    March (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    The March house, strangely, was built in a tree,  With a fluttering roof of leaves,  And strong, straight boughs for the walls of the house,  And an apple or two in the eaves.  A pair of fun-loving twins lived there,  Who romped on the roof … Continue reading

    July (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    The July house was an old, old house,  With an old, old man inside,  Who told them stories of other days,  Stories of pluck and pride.  His beard was long and his hair was white,  But his keen eyes were not dim,  As he told them … Continue reading

    October (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    It was a queer October place–  No house, you’d say, at all!  A wide brown wood with leaves for a floor,  And timbers straight and tall.  The little creatures that lived in there–  Fairies and furry things–  Scurried away when the children came,  With bashful scamperings. As … Continue reading

    September (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    Very familiar September seemed:  A flag-pole stood in the yard,  And the little path that led from the road  Was trampled bare and hard.  A bell hung high in the little tower,  And when the door swung wide  They saw a young woman with pen in … Continue reading

    The Quarrel (Nancy Byrd Turner Poems)

    The Wooden Dog and the China CatFace to face in the doll-house sat,And they picked a quarrel that grew and grew,Because they had nothing else to do.Said the dog, “I really would like to hearWhy you never stir nor frisk … Continue reading

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