Madge Morris Wagner Poems on Flowers (12 Poems)

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    Mystery Of Carmel (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    The Mission floor was with weeds o’ergrown,And crumbling and shaky its walls of stone;Its roof of tiles, in tiers and tiers,Had stood the storms of a hundred years.An olden, weird, medieval styleClung to the mouldering, gloomy pile,And the rhythmic voice … Continue reading

    Out In The Cold (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Out from a narrow, crowded street,Sick’ning resort of shame and crime, Wearing upon her brow a curse,Out in the darkness, lost to sight,Out in the dreary Winter night, Fleeing a fate than Nessus worse.On through the gathering mist and dew‘Till the fog-wrapped … Continue reading

    Unspoken Words (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Unspoken words may thrill the heart, Their meaning be more deeply feltThan all the glowing oratory Poured at the shrine where reason knelt.The fairest pictures art conceives, The noblest sentiments of mind,The loveliest, purest gems of thought Are those which never are defined. The … Continue reading

    Fate (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Ruth was a laughing-eyed prattler, Thoughtless, and happy, and free;She planted a seed in the garden, And said: “It will grow to a tree–   A beautiful blossoming tree.” The birds and the squirrels played round it, As careless and merry was she,But not tree … Continue reading

    On The Desert (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Thou brown, bare-breasted, voiceless mystery,Hot sphinx of nature, cactus-crowned, what hast thou done?Unclothed and mute as when the groans of chaos turnedThy naked, burning bosom to the sun.The mountain silences have speech, the rivers sing,Thou answerest never unto anything.Pink-throated lizards … Continue reading

    Rain (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Drop! drop! drop! With a ceaseless patter fall,With a sobbing sound on the sodden ground, And the gray clouds over all.Dost weep of the parted summer, O, spirit of the rain?For the vanished hours and the faded flowers That never can come again? The … Continue reading

    Bring Flowers (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Bring flowers, bring flowers, thou Queen of the Spring,  Sweet flowers to garland the earth,Exotics to bloom in the mansions of wealth,  Wild flowers for the lowly hearth.  Bring flowers for the brave and strong-hearted,  Bring flowers for the merry and glad,  Bring flowers for … Continue reading

    To Sanson (03) (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    Kind teacher, henceforth be it mine,To kneel at friendship’s sacred shrine,And hope’s bright budding flowers entwine  Into a garland for they brow.And thou shalt wait not for the hoursThat gem creation’s radiant towers,To woo thee to elysian bowers,  But wear it now. … Continue reading

    O! Take Away Your Flowers (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    O! take your pale camellias back; Their soft leaves, waxen whiteAnd odorless, too ill accord With my dark mood to-night. I do not want your hot-house flowers, They’re like the love you give–A something tame and passionless That breaths but does not live. You … Continue reading

    White Honeysuckle (Madge Morris Wagner Poems)

    White honeysuckle, “bond of love,” Emblem born in Orient bowers,Whence mythic Deities have wooed, And told the soul’s desire in flowers.As sweet thy breath as Eden’s balm, As sweet and pure. Methinks that erstThy flower was of our earth a part, Some angel hand … Continue reading

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