Li Po Poems (87 Poems)

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    The Exile’s Letter (Li Po Poems)

    (To Y (Li Po)

    Three Poems on Wine (Li Po Poems)

    I.     Among the flowers a drink of wine.    I sit alone without a friend.    So I invite the moon,    Then see my shadow, make us three.    The moon can’t know how to drink,    Since just my shadow drinks with me.    The moon brought shadow along    To keep … Continue reading

    ‘We Fought for – South of the Walls (Li Po Poems)

    Died for – North of the Ramparts'(to an old tune)            We fought for Mulberry Springs         Die now for Garlic River.         Wash our swords in Parthian Seas,         Feed our mounts on T’ien Shan snows.         Thousands of miles to and fro.         The Three Armies tired and old.         These … Continue reading

    A Song Of Changgan (Li Po Poems)

    My hair had hardly covered my forehead.I was picking flowers, paying by my door,When you, my lover, on a bamboo horse,Came trotting in circles and throwing green plums.We lived near together on a lane in Ch’ang-kan,Both of us young and … Continue reading

    Lu Mountain, Kiangsi (Li Po Poems)

    I climbed west on Incense Cloud Peak.    South I saw the spray-filled falls    Dropping for ten thousand feet    Sounding in a hundred gorges,    Suddenly as if lightning shone,    Strange as if light-wet rainbows lifted.    I thought the Milky Way had shattered,    Scattering stars through the clouds, downwards. … Continue reading

    Reaching the Hermitage (Li Po Poems)

    At evening I make it down the mountain.    Keeping company with the moon.    Looking back I see the paths I’ve taken    Blue now, blue beneath the skyline.    You greet me, show the hidden track,    Where children pull back hawthorn curtains,    Reveal green bamboo, the secret path,    Vines … Continue reading

    Gold painted jars – wines worth a thousand. (Li Po Poems)

    Jade carved dishes – food costing more.    I throw the chopsticks down,    Food and wine are tasteless.    Draw my magic sword,    Mind confused stare round me.    See the ice floes block the Yellow River.    Feel the snowfall shroud the T’ai-hang Mountains.    Quiet again I cast in dark … Continue reading

    Waking from Drunken Sleep on a Spring Day. (Li Po Poems)

    Life is a dream. No need to stir.    Remembering this I’m drunk all day.    Lying helpless beside the porch,    Waking to see the deep garden.    One bird calls among the flowers.    Ask myself what’s the season?    Song of the oriole in Spring breezes,    Voice of beauty sadly … Continue reading

    Old Poem (Li Po Poems)

    Did Chuang Chou dream he was the butterfly?    Or the butterfly dream he was Chuang Chou?    In the single body’s transformations    See the vortex of the Myriad Creatures.    No mystery then that the Magic Seas    Shrank again to crystal streams,    Or down by Ch’ang-an’s Green Gate    The … Continue reading

    A Farewell To Secretary Shuyun At The Xietiao Villa In Xuanzhou (Li Po Poems)

    Since yesterday had to throw me and bolt,Today has hurt my heart even more.The autumn wild geese have a long wind for escortAs I face them from this villa, drinking my wine.The bones of great writers are your brushes, in … Continue reading

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