Les Murray Poems (31 Poems)

The Harleys (Les Murray Poems)

Blats booted to blatant dubbing the avenue dire with rubbings of Sveinn Forkbeard leading a black squall of Harleys with ...

Aurora Prone (Les Murray Poems)

The lemon sunlight poured out far between things inhabits a coolness. Mosquitoes have subsided, flies are for later heat. Every ...

Pigs (Les Murray Poems)

Us all on sore cement was we. Not warmed then with glares. Not glutting mush under that pole the lightning's ...

Shower (Les Murray Poems)

From the metal poppy this good blast of trance arriving as shock, private cloudburst blazing down, worst in a boarding-house ...

Comete (Les Murray Poems)

Uphill in Melbourne on a beautiful day a woman is walking ahead of her hair. Like teak oiled soft to ...

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