Langston Hughes Poems (95 Poems)

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    Advertisemen (Langston Hughes Poems)

    Fine living . . . a la carte?  Come to the Waldorf-Astoria!   LISTEN HUNGRY ONES!Look! See what Vanity Fair says about the  new Waldorf-Astoria:   “All the luxuries of private home. . . .”Now, won’t that be charming when the last flop-house  has turned … Continue reading

    Cultural Exchange (Langston Hughes Poems)

    In the Quarter of the NegroesWhere the doors are doors of paperDust of dingy atomsBlows a scratchy sound.Amorphous jack-o’-Lanterns caperAnd the wind won’t wait for midnightFor fun to blow doors down.By the river and the railroadWith fluid far-off goingBoundaries bind … Continue reading

    Brass Spittoons (Langston Hughes Poems)

    Clean the spittoons, boy.   Detroit,   Chicago,   Atlantic City,   Palm Beach.Clean the spittoons.The steam in hotel kitchens,And the smoke in hotel lobbies,And the slime in hotel spittoons:Part of my life.   Hey, boy!   A nickel,   A dime,   A dollar,Two dollars a day.   Hey, boy!   A nickel,   A dime,   A dollar,   Two dollarsBuy shoes for the … Continue reading

    Trumpet Player (Langston Hughes Poems)

    The NegroWith the trumpet at his lipsHas dark moons of wearinessBeneath his eyeswhere the smoldering memoryof slave shipsBlazed to the crack of whipsabout thighs The negrowith the trumpet at his lipshas a head of vibrant hairtamed down,patent-leathered nowuntil it gleamslike … Continue reading

    The Ballad Of The Landlord (Langston Hughes Poems)

    Landlord, landlord,My roof has sprung a leak.Don’t you ‘member I told you about itWay last week? Landlord, landlord,These steps is broken down.When you come up yourselfIt’s a wonder you don’t fall down. Ten Bucks you say I owe you?Ten Bucks … Continue reading

    Sylvester’s Dying Bed (Langston Hughes Poems)

    I woke up this mornin’‘Bout half-past three.All the womens in townWas gathered round me. Sweet gals was a-moanin’,“Sylvester’s gonna die!”And a hundred pretty mamasBowed their heads to cry. I woke up little later‘Bout half-past fo’,The doctor ‘n’ undertaker’sBoth at ma … Continue reading

    Pierrot (Langston Hughes Poems)

    I work all day,Said Simple John,Myself a house to buy.I work all day,Said Simple John,But Pierrot wondered why.For Pierrrot loved the long white road,And Pierrot loved the moon,And Pierrot loved a star-filled sky,And the breath of a rose in June.I … Continue reading

    Madam and The Rent Man (Langston Hughes Poems)

    The rent man knocked.He said, Howdy-do?I said, WhatCan I do for you?He said, You knowYour rent is due. I said, Listen,Before I’d payI’d go to HadesAnd rot away! The sink is broke,The water don’t run,And you ain’t done a thingYou … Continue reading

    As I Grew Older (Langston Hughes Poems)

    It was a long time ago.I have almost forgotten my dream.But it was there then,In front of me,Bright like a sun—My dream.And then the wall rose,Rose slowly,Slowly,Between me and my dream.Rose until it touched the sky—The wall.Shadow.I am black.I lie … Continue reading

    Madam and the Census Man (Langston Hughes Poems)

    The census man,The day he came round,Wanted my nameTo put it down. I said, JOHNSON,ALBERTA K.But he hated to writeThe K that way. He said, WhatDoes K stand for?I said, K–And nothing more. He said, I’m gonna put itK (Langston … Continue reading

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