Ivor Gurney Poems on Past (8 Poems)

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    Thoughts of New England (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Gloucester streets walking in Autumn twilight,Past Kineburgh’s cottage and old Raven Tavern,That Hoare he kept, the Puritan, who tiredOr fired, and took a passage in the ‘Mayflower’,Gloucester streets walking in frost-clear hour –Of ‘Captains Courageous’ as a boy read, thinking,And … Continue reading

    Time To Come (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    They will walk there, the sons of our great grandsons andWill know no reason for the old love of the land.There will be no tiny bent-browed houses in theTwilight to watch, nor small shops of multi-miscellany.The respectable and red-brick will … Continue reading

    Toussaints (ToJ.W.H.) (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Life softly clanging cymbals werePlane-trees, poplars Autumn hadArrayed in gloriously sadGarments of beauty wind-astir;It was the day of all the dead — Toussaints. In sombre twos and threesBetween those coloured pillars wentDrab mourners. Full of presencesThe air seemed .. . … Continue reading

    Snow (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    There’s not a sound tonightI look out and am beatenIn my face by curious, white,Unexpected flakesOf snow in a daze fleeting And retire shievering toThe warm room and the lamplightWhere my music waits, and OBen Jonson lies……For delight my man’s … Continue reading

    The Companions (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    On uplands bleak and bare to windBeneath a maze of stars I strode;Phantoms of Fear haunted the road,Dogging my footsteps close behind. Till Heaven blew clear of cloud, showed eachMost tiny baby-star as fineAs any jewel of kings. OrionTriumphed through … Continue reading

    By Severn (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    If England, her spirit lives anywhereIt is by Severn, by hawthorns and grand willows.Earth heaves up twice a hundred feet in airAnd ruddy clay falls scooped out to the weedy shallows.There in the brakes of May Spring has her chambers,Robing-rooms … Continue reading

    When the body might free (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    When the body might tree, and there was use in walking,In October time – crystal air-time and free words were talking.In my mind with light tunes and bright streams ran free.When the earth smelt leaves shone and air and cloud … Continue reading

    Moments (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    I think the loathed minutes one by oneThat tear and then go past are little worthSave nearer to the blindness to the sunThey bring me, and the farewell to all earth Save to that six-foot-length I must lie inSodden with … Continue reading

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