Ivor Gurney Poems on Light (14 Poems)

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    Thoughts of New England (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Gloucester streets walking in Autumn twilight,Past Kineburgh’s cottage and old Raven Tavern,That Hoare he kept, the Puritan, who tiredOr fired, and took a passage in the ‘Mayflower’,Gloucester streets walking in frost-clear hour –Of ‘Captains Courageous’ as a boy read, thinking,And … Continue reading

    Tobacco (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    When tobacco came, When Raleigh did first bring inThe unfabled herb, the plant of peace, the kingOf comfort bringers, then indeed new hopeCame to the host of poets — with new scopeNew range of power, since henceforth one might sitMidnight-on … Continue reading

    The Road (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Out beyond Aldgate is a road,And a broad,Clean, noble thing it runs,For the sun’sAnd wind’s and man’s delight,And the high stars at night.There go JewessesAnd Poles and Russ and thesePale-faced sons,Daughter of Thames and Paul’sBetwixt walls and high wallsOf sooted … Continue reading

    Laventie (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    One would remember stillMeadows and low hillLaventie was, as to the line and elm rowGrowing through green strength wounded, as home elms grow.Shimmer of summer there and blue autumn mistsSeen from trench-ditch winding in mazy twists.The Australian gunners in close … Continue reading

    La Gorgues (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    The long night, the short sleep, and La Gorgues to wander,So be the Fates were kind and our Commander;With a mill, and still canal, and like-Stroudway bridges.One looks back on these as Time’s truest riches –Which were so short an … Continue reading

    Snow (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    There’s not a sound tonightI look out and am beatenIn my face by curious, white,Unexpected flakesOf snow in a daze fleeting And retire shievering toThe warm room and the lamplightWhere my music waits, and OBen Jonson lies……For delight my man’s … Continue reading

    Brown earth Look (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    The youth burning couch grass is as tiredAs muscle has right to bear and keeps work onThe brown earth slopes from the potato field to the wiredSheep enclosure; and hidden high and white the sun. Brown the sense of things, … Continue reading

    New Year’s Eve (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Aveluy and New Year’s eve, and the time as tenderAs if green buds grew. In the low West a slenderStreak of last orange. Guns mostly deadest still.And a noise of limbers near, coming down the hill.Nothing doing, nothing doing, and … Continue reading

    Afterwards (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Those dreadful evidences of Man’s ill-doingThe kindly Mother of all shall soon hide deep,Covering with tender fingers her children asleep,Till Time’s slow cycle turns them to renewingIn other forms their beauty – No grief, no rueingIrrevocable woe. They’ll lie, they’ll … Continue reading

    Song of Pain and Beauty: To M.M.S (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    O may these days of pain,These wasted-seeming days,Somewhere reflower againWith scent and savour of praise.Draw out of memory all bitternessOf night with Thy sun’s rays. And strengthen Thou in meThe love of men here found,And eager charity,That, out of difficult … Continue reading

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