Ivan Turgenev Poems (50 Poems)

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    Two Stanzas (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    There was once a town, the inhabitants of which were so passionately fondof poetry,that if some weeks passed by without the appearance of any goodnew poems,they regarded such a poetic dearth as a public misfortune. They used at such times … Continue reading

    The Country (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    The last day of July; for a thousand versts around, Russia, our nativeland. An unbroken blue flooding the whole sky; a single cloudlet upon it, halffloating, half fading away. Windlessness, warmth… air like new milk! Larks are trilling; pouter-pigeons cooing; … Continue reading

    An Eastern Legend (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    Who in Bagdad knows not Jaffar, the Sun of the Universe? One day, many years ago (he was yet a youth), Jaffar was walking in theenvirons of Bagdad. Suddenly a hoarse cry reached his ear; some one was calling desperately … Continue reading

    Hang Him! (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    ‘It happened in 1803,’ began my old acquaintance, ‘not long beforeAusterlitz. The regiment in which I was an officer was quartered inMoravia. ‘We had strict orders not to molest or annoy the inhabitants; as it was,they regarded us very dubiously, … Continue reading

    The Nymphs (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    I stood before a chain of beautiful mountains forming a semicircle. Ayoung, green forest covered them from summit to base. Limpidly blue above them was the southern sky; on the heights the sunbeamsrioted; below, half-hidden in the grass, swift brooks … Continue reading

    The Old Woman (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    I was walking over a wide plain alone. And suddenly I fancied light, cautious footsteps behind my back…. Someone was walking after me. I looked round, and saw a little, bent old woman, all muffled up in greyrags. The face … Continue reading

    A Dream (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    I fancied I was somewhere in Russia, in the wilds, in a simple countryhouse. The room big and low pitched with three windows; the walls whitewashed; nofurniture. Before the house a barren plain; gradually sloping downwards, itstretches into the distance; … Continue reading

    The Two Brothers (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    It was a vision… Two angels appeared to me… two genii. I say angels, genii, because both had no clothes on their naked bodies, andbehind their shoulders rose long powerful wings. Both were youths. One was rather plump, with soft … Continue reading

    Masha (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    When I lived, many years ago, in Petersburg, every time I chanced to hire asledge, I used to get into conversation with the driver. I was particularly fond of talking to the night drivers, poor peasants fromthe country round, who … Continue reading

    The Doves (Ivan Turgenev Poems)

    I stood on the top of a sloping hillside; before me, a gold and silver seaof shifting colour, stretched the ripe rye. But no little wavelets ran over that sea; no stir of wind was in thestifling air; a great … Continue reading

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