Hattie Howard Poems (87 Poems)

The Antiquarian (Hattie Howard Poems)

Millions have been and passed from view  Benignity who never knew;   No aspiration theirs, nor aim;  Existence soulless as the clay  From whence they ...

A Rainy Day (Hattie Howard Poems)

Oh, what a blessed interval    A rainy day may be!  No lightning flash nor tempest roar,  But one incessant, steady pour    Of dripping melody;  When ...

The Apple Tree (Hattie Howard Poems)

Has ever a tree from the earth upsprung  Around whose body have children clung,  Whose bounteous branches the birds among  Have pecked the ...

All the Rage (Hattie Howard Poems)

A common wayside flower it grew,  Unhandsome and unnoticed too,   Except in deprecation  That such an herb unreared by toil,  Prolific cumberer of the ...

The Little Clock (Hattie Howard Poems)

Kind friend, you do not know how much   I prize this time-ly treasure,  So dainty, diligent, and such   A constant source of pleasure.  The ...

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