Hattie Howard Poems on Fate & Destiny (7 Poems)

A Rainy Day (Hattie Howard Poems)

Oh, what a blessed interval    A rainy day may be!  No lightning flash nor tempest roar,  But one incessant, steady pour    Of dripping melody;  When ...

Thy Will Be Done (Hattie Howard Poems)

Sometimes the silver cord of life   Is loosed at one brief stroke;  As when the elements at strife,  With Nature's wild contentions rife,   Uproot ...

Two Roses (Hattie Howard Poems)

I've a friend beyond the ocean   So regardful, so sincere,  And he sends me in a letter   Such a pretty souvenir.  It is crushed ...

Like Summer (Hattie Howard Poems)

November? 'tis a summer's day!   For tropic airs are blowing  As soft as whispered roundelay  From unseen lips that seem to say   To feathered ...

Let Us Give Thanks (Hattie Howard Poems)

If we have lived another year  And, counting friends by regiments  Who share our love and confidence,    Find no more broken ranks,    For this ...

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