Anne Sexton Poems (219 Poems)

Cinderella (Anne Sexton Poems)

You always read about it:the plumber with the twelve childrenwho wins the Irish Sweepstakes.From toilets to riches.That story.Or the nursemaid,some ...

Live (Anne Sexton Poems)

Live or die, but don't poison everything… Well, death's been here for a long time — it has a hell ...

Demon (Anne Sexton Poems)

A young man is afraid of his demon and puts his handover the demon's mouth sometimes…— D. H. LawrenceI mentioned ...

The Addict (Anne Sexton Poems)

Sleepmonger,deathmonger,with capsules in my palms each night,eight at a time from sweet pharmaceutical bottlesI make arrangements for a pint-sized journey.I'm ...

Courage (Anne Sexton Poems)

It is in the small things we see it.The child's first step,as awesome as an earthquake.The first time you rode ...

Clothes (Anne Sexton Poems)

Put on a clean shirtbefore you die, some Russian said.Nothing with drool, please,no egg spots, no blood,no sweat, no sperm.You ...

Cockroach (Anne Sexton Poems)

Roach, foulest of creatures, who attacks with yellow teeth and an army of cousins big as shoes, you are lumps ...

Barefoot (Anne Sexton Poems)

Loving me with my shoes offmeans loving my long brown legs,sweet dears, as good as spoons;and my feet, those two ...

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