Poems about metropolitan (21 Poems)

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    Hyperion. Book I (John Keats Poems)

    Deep in the shady sadness of a valeFar sunken from the healthy breath of morn,Far from the fiery noon, and eve’s one star,Sat gray-hair’d Saturn, quiet as a stone,Still as the silence round about his lair;Forest on forest hung about … Continue reading

    The Urban Rat And The Suburban Rat (Guy Wetmore Carryl Poems)

    A metropolitan rat invited  His country cousin in town to dine: The country cousin replied, “Delighted.”  And signed himself, “Sincerely thine.” The town rat treated the country cousin           To half a dozen            Kinds of wine.  He served him terrapin, kidneys devilled,  And roasted partridge, and candied fruit; In … Continue reading

    The Incense Bearers (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    To the London Metropolitan PoliceToward the sun the drenched May-hedges liftWhite rounded masses like still ocean drift,And days fills with heavy scent of that gift. There is no escaping that full current of thickIncense; one walks suddenly, one comes quickInto … Continue reading

    “one more memory” (Halina Poswiatowska Poems)

    one more memoryI have just written a wordI am older by a wordby twoby threeby a poem older – what does it mean older within the abstraction called historyI have been assigned a narrow segmentfrom here – to there I’m … Continue reading

    The Bucolics (C J Dennis Poems)

    Ladies and gentlemen: I take this opportunityTo introduce myself and mention that, much as we may deplore the fact, we are   essentially an agricultural communityAltho’ in our metropolitan centres, millions may live and toil.Most of us, directly or indirectly, … Continue reading

    Archy Interviews A Pharaoh (Donald Marquis Poems)

    boss i wentand interviewed the mummyof the egyptian pharaohin the metropolitan museumas you bade me to dowhat homy regal leatherfacesays igreetingslittle scatter footedscarabsays hekingly has beensays iwhat was your ambitionwhen you had anyinsignificantand journalistic insectsays the royal cracklingin my tender … Continue reading

    Little Mack (Eugene Field Poems)

    This talk about the journalists that run the East is bosh,We’ve got a Western editor that’s little, but, O gosh!He lives here in Mizzoora where the people are so setIn ante-bellum notions that they vote for Jackson yet;But the paper … Continue reading

    The Indian Myna (C J Dennis Poems)

    Gimme the town an’ its clamour an’ clutter;  I ain’t very fond of the bush;For my cobbers are coves of the gardens and gutter-  A tough metropolitan push.I ain’t never too keen on the countryfield life;It’s the hustle an’ bustle … Continue reading

    THANK YOU (A P Herbert Poems)

    (To the Metropolitan Police)Thank you, policeman. What would London doWithout her guides, and guardians, in blue?You keep the peace, your temper, and your wits,A dear by day, a bulwark in the blitz.Half-way between a mother and a god,You rule the … Continue reading

    Of What Voice (Archbishop William Alexander Poems)

    What voice is that which o’er the ocean,Through what is lit and what obscure no less,Night’s coruscations and its darknesses,Still rises starward, linking man to man?It is the sorrow metropolitanOf all earth’s kings, the voice of their distressFor one who … Continue reading

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