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    The Iliad: Book 1 (Homer Poems)

    Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that broughtcountless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it sendhurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogsand vultures, for so … Continue reading

    The Iliad: Book 10 (Homer Poems)

    Now the other princes of the Achaeans slept soundly the wholenight through, but Agamemnon son of Atreus was troubled, so that hecould get no rest. As when fair Juno’s lord flashes his lightning intoken of great rain or hail or … Continue reading

    The Iliad: Book 7 (Homer Poems)

    With these words Hector passed through the gates, and his brotherAlexandrus with him, both eager for the fray. As when heaven sends abreeze to sailors who have long looked for one in vain, and havelaboured at their oars till they … Continue reading

    The Iliad: Book 3 (Homer Poems)

    When the companies were thus arrayed, each under its own captain,the Trojans advanced as a flight of wild fowl or cranes that screamoverhead when rain and winter drive them over the flowing waters ofOceanus to bring death and destruction on … Continue reading

    Mrs. McNair (Hanford Lennox Gordon Poems)

    Mrs. McNair  Was tall and fair; Mrs. McNair was slim;She had flashing black eyes and raven hair;But a very remarkably modest air;And her only care was for Mr. McNair; She was exceedingly fond of him.   He sold “notions” and lace  With wonderful grace,And kept … Continue reading

    The Picture (Jean de La Fontaine Poems)

    SOLICITED I’ve been to give a tale,In which (though true, decorum must prevail),The subject from a picture shall arise,That by a curtain’s kept from vulgar eyes.My brain must furnish various features new:What’s delicate and smart produce to view;By this expressed, … Continue reading

    Prologue To The Argive Women (Maurice Hewlett Poems)

    (Odysseus before the House of Paris.) OD. About this wicked house ten yearsThe strife ‘twixt Troy and Greece has surgedSince rifling Paris, thief and traitor,Drew all men to the hue and cryMenelaus made after him ;And me, Laertes’ son, my landsAnd … Continue reading

    Outward Bound (Nowell Oxland Poems)

    There’s a waterfall I’m leavingRunning down the rocks in foam,There’s a pool for which I’m grievingNear the water-ouzel’s home,And it’s there that I’d be lyingWith the heather close at hand,And the Curlew’s faintly cryingMid the wastes of Cumberland. While the … Continue reading

    Elecampane (Robert Henry Forster Poems)

    HERB with the broad green leaves and flowers of gold,Elecampane! These syllables recallA chapter of the greatest tale of al1.If truth by ancient herbalists be told,Thine were the flowers which Helen deigned to hold,When forth she passed from Menelaus’ hallWith … Continue reading

    Book VII (Arthur Hall Poems)

    Nowe warlike Hector doth depart with Paris out the towne,They willing both in armes to shewe some deede of great renowme.And like as after stormie flawes that deeres the shipmen sore,In deepest sea against the winde there striue with arme … Continue reading

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