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    Thoughts of New England (Ivor Gurney Poems)

    Gloucester streets walking in Autumn twilight,Past Kineburgh’s cottage and old Raven Tavern,That Hoare he kept, the Puritan, who tiredOr fired, and took a passage in the ‘Mayflower’,Gloucester streets walking in frost-clear hour –Of ‘Captains Courageous’ as a boy read, thinking,And … Continue reading

    The Hot Season (Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems)

    THE folks, that on the first of MayWore winter coats and hose,Began to say, the first of June,“Good Lord! how hot it grows!”At last two Fahrenheits blew up,And killed two children small,And one barometer shot deadA tutor with its ball! … Continue reading

    Sailing Home From Rapallo (Robert Lowell Poems)

    [February 1954]Your nurse could only speak Italian,but after twenty minutes I could imagine your final week,and tears ran down my cheeks…. When I embarked from Italy with my Mother’s body,the whole shoreline of the Golfo di Genovawas breaking into fiery … Continue reading

    A Welcome To Lowell (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    Take our hands, James Russell Lowell,Our hearts are all thy own;To-day we bid thee welcomeNot for ourselves alone. In the long years of thy absenceSome of us have grown old,And some have passed the portalsOf the Mystery untold; For the … Continue reading

    In An Album (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    The misspelt scrawl, upon the wallBy some Pompeian idler traced,In ashes packed (ironic fact!)Lies eighteen centuries uneffaced,While many a page of bard and sage,Deemed once mankind’s immortal gain,Lost from Time’s ark, leaves no more markThan a keel’s furrow through the … Continue reading

    At A Birthday Festival (Oliver Wendell Holmes Poems)

    TO J. R. LOWELL WE will not speak of years to-night,–For what have years to bringBut larger floods of love and light,And sweeter songs to sing? We will not drown in wordy praiseThe kindly thoughts that rise;If Friendship own one … Continue reading

    Dawn (Gabriel Ferrater Poems)

    The night goes away, another night, and the wingof an immense airplance has placed itselfbetween the wide blue and the window, and I wonderwhether it’s the faintest kind of green or silver, coldas the insistent fineness of the knife scrapingthe … Continue reading

    Stravinsky’s (Amy Lowell Poems)

    First Movement Thin-voiced, nasal pipesDrawing sound out and outUntil it is a screeching thread,Sharp and cutting, sharp and cutting,It hurts.Whee-e-e!Bump! Bump! Tong-ti-bump!There are drums here,Banging,And wooden shoes beating the round, grey stonesOf the market-place.Whee-e-e!Sabots slapping the worn, old stones,And a … Continue reading

    Douglas (Fenton Johnson Poems)

    He came when tyranny was ripe, a torchThat lit the darkened avenue of hope,He came from cabin, ragged, poor, and starved,And walked among the honoured of the earth.His cry the cry of Moses to the King,“Oh, let my people go, … Continue reading

    Prelude (Fenton Johnson Poems)

    ‘Tis twilight dim; the musing dreamer sitsBefore his hearth, the sunset on his brow,And thus he ponders ere the birth of dusk.Some love the land where grew the laurel tree,The home of Gods and stern faced warriors,The altar Nature built … Continue reading

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