Poems about hyperion (20 Poems)

    Hyperion, A Vision: Attempted Reconstruction Of The Poem (John Keats Poems)

    CANTO I.Fanatics have their dreams, wherewith they weaveA paradise for a sect; the savage, too,From forth the loftiest fashion of his sleepGuesses at heaven; pity these have notTrac’d upon vellum or wild Indian leafThe shadows of melodious utterance,But bare of … Continue reading

    The Iliad: Book 19 (Homer Poems)

    Now when Dawn in robe of saffron was hasting from the streams ofOceanus, to bring light to mortals and immortals, Thetis reached theships with the armour that the god had given her. She found her sonfallen about the body of … Continue reading

    Hyperion. Book II (John Keats Poems)

    Just at the self-same beat of Time’s wide wingsHyperion slid into the rustled air,And Saturn gain’d with Thea that sad placeWhere Cybele and the bruised Titans mourn’d.It was a den where no insulting lightCould glimmer on their tears; where their … Continue reading

    Hyperion. Book I (John Keats Poems)

    Deep in the shady sadness of a valeFar sunken from the healthy breath of morn,Far from the fiery noon, and eve’s one star,Sat gray-hair’d Saturn, quiet as a stone,Still as the silence round about his lair;Forest on forest hung about … Continue reading

    Beauty. Part I. (Henry James Pye Poems)

    A POETICAL ESSAY.   The various powers by Nature’s hand combin’d  To fill with harmony the raptur’d mind;  Whose forms, as diff’rent lustre they impart,  Or strike the senses, or exalt the heart,  My daring Muse unfolds;-resolv’d to trace  The glorious theme thro’ ev’ry path of … Continue reading

    My Other Chinee Cook (James Brunton Stephens Poems)

    Yes, I got another Johnny; but he was to Number OneAs a Satyr to Hyperion, as a rushlight to a sun;He was lazy, he was cheeky, he was dirty he was sly,But he had a single virtue, and its name … Continue reading

    Aphrodite (Madison Julius Cawein Poems)

    Apollo never smote a lovelier strain,  When swan-necked Hebe paused her thirsty bowl  A-sparkle with its wealth of nectar-draughts  To lend a list’ners ear and smile on him,  As that the Tritons blew on wreathed horns  When Aphrodite, the cold ocean-foam  Bursting its bubbles, from the … Continue reading

    Homer’s Hymn To The Sun (Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems)

    Offspring of Jove, Calliope, once moreTo the bright Sun, thy hymn of music pour;Whom to the child of star-clad Heaven and EarthEuryphaessa, large-eyed nymph, brought forth;Euryphaessa, the famed sister fairOf great Hyperion, who to him did bearA race of loveliest … Continue reading

    Homer’s Hymn To Minerva (Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems)

    I sing the glorious Power with azure eyes,Athenian Pallas! tameless, chaste, and wise,Tritogenia, town-preserving Maid,Revered and mighty; from his awful headWhom Jove brought forth, in warlike armour dressed,Golden, all radiant! wonder strange possessedThe everlasting Gods that Shape to see,Shaking a … Continue reading

    February 3, 1830 (Henry Alford Poems)

    The Morning arose, She was pillow’d on snows, And kerchief’d in wind and storm; And she dallied with Night Till Hyperion’s light Had struggled abroad thro’ her form.  The Noon came forth On the breeze of the north, All silent and bleak and chill; And he watch’d the … Continue reading

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