Poems about grapevine (18 Poems)

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    Mogg Megone – Part I. (John Greenleaf Whittier Poems)

    Who stands on that cliff, like a figure of stone,Unmoving and tall in the light of the sky,Where the spray of the cataract sparkles on high,Lonely and sternly, save Mogg Megone?Close to the verge of the rock is he,While beneath … Continue reading

    Prometheus (James Russell Lowell Poems)

    One after one the stars have risen and set,Sparkling upon the hoarfrost on my chain:The Bear, that prowled all night about the foldOf the North-star, hath shrunk into his den.Scared by the blithesome footsteps of the Dawn,Whose blushing smile floods … Continue reading

    Three Dead Friends (James Whitcomb Riley Poems)

    Always suddenly they are gone–  The friends we trusted and held secure– Suddenly we are gazing on,  Not a _smiling_ face, but the marble-pure Dead mask of a face that nevermore  To a smile of ours will make reply–   The lips close-locked as the eyelids are– Gone–swift … Continue reading

    From Amorgos (Nikos Gatsos Poems)

    I With their country tied to their sails and their oars hung on   the windThe shipwrecked slept tamely like dead beasts on a bedding   of spongesBut the eyes of seaweed are turned toward the seaHoping the South Wind will bring them backwith … Continue reading

    The Poet Orders His Sepulchre (John Jay Chapman Poems)

    (After Ronsard) YE caverns, and ye rillsThat from the beetling hillsDown every rocky wallGlide, gleam, and fall;Ye woods and streams around,Where poplar’d isles abound,And glistening myrtles throng,-List to my song. When Fate and heavenly powerForecast my dying hour,Enchanted with the … Continue reading

    Storm-Bound (Hattie Howard Poems)

    My careful plans all storm-subdued,  In disappointing solitude    The weary hours began;  And scarce I deemed when time had sped,  Marked only by the passing tread    Of some pedestrian.   But with the morrow’s tranquil dawn,  A fairy scene I looked upon    That filled me with delight;  Far-reaching from … Continue reading

    Blueflags (William Carlos Williams Poems)

    I stopped the carto let the children downwhere the streets endin the sunat the marsh edgeand the reeds beginand there are small housesfacing the reedsand the blue mist in the distancewith grapevine trelliseswith grape clusterssmall as strawberrieson the vinesand ditchesrunning … Continue reading

    Silent Poem (Robert Francis Poems)

    backroad leafmold stonewall chipmunkunderbrush grapevine woodchuck shadblow woodsmoke cowbarn honeysuckle woodpilesawhorse bucksaw outhouse wellsweep backdoor flagstone bulkhead buttermilkcandlestick ragrug firedog brownbread hilltop outcrop cowbell buttercupwhetstone thunderstorm pitchfork steeplebush gristmill millstone cornmeal waterwheelwatercress buckwheat firefly jewelweed gravestone groundpine windbreak bedrockweathercock snowfall … Continue reading

    Dust (Celia Laighton Thaxter Poems)

    Here is a problem, a wonder for all to see.   Look at this marvelous thing I hold in my hand!This is a magic surprising, a mystery   Strange as a miracle, harder to understand. What is it? Only a … Continue reading

    The Ruins Of The Castle At Balaklava (Adam Mickiewicz Poems)

    These castles heaped in shattered piles once gracedAnd guarded you, Crimea, thankless land!Today like giant skulls set high they standAnd shelter reptiles, or men more debased.Upon that tower a coat of arms is traced,And letters, some dead hero’s name, whose … Continue reading

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