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    Bomb (Gregory Corso Poems)

    Budger of history  Brake of time  You  Bomb   Toy of universe  Grandest of all snatched sky  I cannot hate you    Do I hate the mischievous thunderbolt  the jawbone of an ass  The bumpy club of One Million B.C.  the mace  the flail   the … Continue reading

    Julia Jay , A Rural Sketch Of Autumn (Ralph Hoyt Poems)

    Where rural Chester spreads in hill and plain,And rippling Bronx pursues its peaceful way,Just as you turn~ within a winding laneSkirting the borders of a little bay,There stands the home of lovely JULIA JAY. Home of her childhood,-the sweet spring … Continue reading

    Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur (Old Poetry Poems)

    It is hard to get a balanced view of Tupac Amaru Shakur (or Lesane Parish Crooks as he was known as a child). His reputation is vividly coloured by the viewpoint of those who write about him. To some he was an … Continue reading

    Bronx (Joseph Rodman Drake Poems)

    I SAT me down upon a green bank-side,Skirting the smooth edge of a gentle river,Whose waters seemed unwillingly to glide,Like parting friends who linger while they sever;Enforced to go, yet seeming still unready,Backward they wind their way in many a … Continue reading

    Mysteries (Terence Winch Poems)

    All last night I kept speaking in thisarchaic language, because I had been readingPoe and thinking about him. I read ‘The Murdersin the Rue Morgue’ which is supposedly the firstdetective story. Who dun it? I wondered.It turns out an orangutan … Continue reading

    An Expostulation (C. S. Lewis Poems)

    Against too many writers of science fiction Why did you lure us on like this,Light-year on light-year, through the abyss,Building (as though we cared for size!)Empires that cover galaxiesIf at the journey’s end we findThe same old stuff we left … Continue reading

    My Sad Self (Allen Ginsberg Poems)

    To Frank O’Hara Sometimes when my eyes are red I go up on top of the RCA Building           and gaze at my world, Manhattan-                     my … Continue reading

    The Kingfisher (Amy Clampitt Poems)

    In a year the nightingales were said to be so loud they drowned out slumber, and peafowl strolled screaming beside the ruined nunnery, through the long evening of a dazzled pub crawl, the halcyon color, portholed by those eye-spots’ stunning … Continue reading

    Hospital Window (Allen Ginsberg Poems)

    At gauzy dusk, thin haze like cigarette smoke ribbons past Chrysler Building’s silver fins tapering delicately needletopped, Empire State’s taller antenna filmed milky lit amid blocks black and white apartmenting veil’d sky over Manhattan, offices new built dark glassed in … Continue reading

    The Kick (C J Dennis Poems)

    First I tried a Dry Martini;But found not one teeny-weeny  Semblance of a kick in any kind of this.Then I sampled a Manhattan;But ’twas much the same with that ‘un;  And as impotent I found an Angel’s Kiss. So I … Continue reading

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