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Nature's Lesson

We traveled by a mountain's edge,
  It was September calm and bright,
  Nature had decked its rocky ledge
  With flowers of varied hue and height.
  It seemed a miracle that they
  Should flourish in that meager soil,
  As noble spirits oftenest may
  Gleam forth through poverty and toil.

  Below were rippling, sparkling streams
  Through meadows kissed by shadowy hills,
  Reflecting autumn's peaceful dreams
  Within those swift, translucent rills.
  This lesson should these scenes impart
  As on the road of life we go,
  To do our duty and take heart,
  As flowers bloom and streamlets flow.

  Perhaps in ages yet to be
  May flowers wave here e'en as today,
  These streams still rush in merry glee
  To cheer and charm who here may stray;
  But we upon Time's rapid tide
  Like morning mists will disappear;
  But if by faith to Christ allied,
  Heaven's glory is both sure and clear.

  We look from Nature to her God;
  We feel his presence from above;
  We know that when the earth he trod,
  He preached through her his wondrous love.
  What is there in our flitting years
  With this pure treasure can compare?
  His love can wipe away our tears,
  His love can lighten every care.