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Her Wreath

A white paper plate,
a hole roughly cut out of the middle,
with a few haphazardly placed
pom poms, in red and green
held a simple message, in magic marker
"God is Near!"; a profound message
really, with rich, deep meaning
this Advent season, waiting for the
coming of the Christ child, the star
of the Christmas story; but
God is near, if we hold him in our hearts
if we strive to live His example
and love one another, if we walk humbly
here on earth and give more than we receive
God is near because we can be like God
because He gave us the model,
and the covenant and the commandments
God is near too, because He came and
because He will come again
as the same scripture foretold
and foretells, giving hope to a bleeding world
a world still in need of His saving grace

December 3, 2006 12:53
Shanequa's handiwork this morning in Funday School