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Christ Is All In All

'TIS Christ, 'tis Christ himself, that's all in all;
Without Him, man must to perdition fall:
No thing, no person, besides Christ alone,
Can for the sins of human kind atone.

The serpent with an apple man deceiv'd —
The serpent man of Paradise bereav'd —
The serpent poison'd all the race with sin —
The serpent to hell's horrors hurl'd them in.

Each man on earth as certainly must go
Into the dungeon of infernal woe,
As if he there had been already got;
If Christ from that sad doom preserves him not.

Christ left (to buy us) the angelic host —
Christ sav'd us, when we ev'ry one were lost —
Christ from all kind of woes our bosoms free'd —
Christ to celestial bliss our souls will lead.

From the fell dragon's mouth — the lion's paws —
The toils of Satan,— and the tiger's claws —
Christ snatch'd us ev'ry one — and what is more,
From hell's deep dungeon, and the Devil's pow'r.

Satan can not destroy and murder more,
Than Jesus can with ease to life restore :
All that the serpent's pois'nous sting has slain,
Shall by the Lamb's own blood be heal'd again.

Christ is the woman's Seed, ordain'd of yore
By God, to trample on the serpent's pow'r,
To crush his skull, to overturn his sway,
And from his fangs to snatch the destin'd prey.

To conquer Satan, none can e'er succeed,
Unless assisted by the woman's Seed:
None can escape from his tyrannic sway,
Unless by Jesus he be fetch'd away.

Christ only, is the Seed, th' Almighty pow'r
Promis'd to Abraham in the days of yore,
To free us from the curse, wherein we live,
And give us all the Blessings, heav'n can give.

Christ, is the Shiloh sent us from above,
Our Slavery and Bondage to remove,
From vice our erring footsteps to reclaim,
And teach us to adore the sacred Name.

Christ is the Tree, whence ev'ry one that lives
On earth, his food, and nourishment receives:
No one shall death's eternal sorrows meet,
Who shall of its immortal fruitage eat.

Christ is the Ark, which from th' o'erwhelming deep,
Did Noah erst, and all his household, keep:
Christ likewise is the only Ark can save
The present age, from sin's all-cov'ring wave.

Christ is the Ladder, Jacob did behold,
Which reach'd from heaven down to earth, of old:
Up this, all must-ascend, who fain wou'd rise,
And scale the steepy summit of the skies.

Christ is the mighty Seer, sent from the sky,
And his own bosom, by the Lord most high,
His sacred will and pleasure to declare:
Let us, on pain of death, his mandates hear.

Christ is the brazen Serpent, who is found
Alone to cure the fi'ry serpent's wound :
Let us to Him our ev'ry ail make known,
And He will heal us with a look alone.

Christ's the high-priest, who offer'd up his blood,
His heart's warm treasure, for his church's good,
Upon the cross to his eternal Sire,
To save the world from everlasting fire.

Christ is a King, endu'd with might and grace,
Who wisely governs his elected race,
Who plucks their haughty adversaries down,
That each may win and wear a glorious crown.

Christ is the watchful Shepherd, who does keep
From ev'ry ill his ne'er-neglected sheep;
So that no lion, wolf, or beast of prey,
Can from his flock one lambkin steal away.

Christ, and Christ only, is the Prince of Peace,
Who caused his Father's furious wrath to cease,
And by his blood, shed on the cursed tree,
Made God and man, before at odds, agree.

Christ is the Rose, in Sharon's wilds that blooms,
And fills the desert with its sweet perfumes,
That by its colour elevates our hearts,
And to our fainty spirits life imparts.

Christ is the Balm of Gilead, only found
Of force to close each widely-gaping wound,
Which Satan gives, with his sin-pointed dart,
To each bad conscience, and polluted heart.

Christ is the Manna, sent us from above
By God himself, out of his wond'rous love:
Whoe'er, with faith, shall on this banquet feast,
Shall never more by hunger be distrest.

Christ is the Paschal Lamb, that erst was slain
For sin, when on the cross He suffer'd pain;
Who, by his blood, each soul so well does keep,
That Satan from his fold can't steal a sheep.

Christ is the Altar, whereon, night and day,
Prayer and praise, sweet incense! all shou'd lay—
Sweet incence, lighted by devotion's fire,
For their Creator, light's immortal Sire.

Christ's the Physician whose most precious blood
Alone, can do the sinful Christian good,
And heal those Pains which vile transgressors feel—
Those rankling pains which nothing else can heal.

'Tis Christ, and Christ alone can intercede
For us with God, and with our Maker plead:
'Tis Christ, and Christ himself alone, that can
Make up the deadly breach, 'twixt God and man.

Christ is our Advocate,— 'tis he alone
Can plead our cause, before th' Almighty's throne,
When Satan, ever our accusing foe,
Wou'd fain obtain our final overthrow.

Christ is our sov'reign Lord — Christ is our Priest —
Christ is our Prophet — our Protector's Christ —
Christ is our Shepherd — Christ's our Judge, so dread,
Christ is our Saviour — Christ's our chief and Head.

Christ is the Alpha, e'er the ages past —
Christ is th' Omega, which must always last —
Christ is salvation's source, as well as end —
Christ is our patron, and ne'er-failing friend!

Christ has th' usurping tyrant Death o'erthrown —
Christ's death has spoil'd, and made his arms his own —
Christ has devour'd the ghastly-visag'd king —
Christ has bereav'd Him of his pointed sting.

Christ all the keys of Death does closely keep,
As well as those of Hell's tremendous deep;
So that no Fiend or Angel e'er can hope
Without his leave, their close-barr'd valves to ope.

Christ is the Pelican, so kindly good,
That heals his young-ones with his flowing blood,
And brings them back to light and life again,
When they were by the wily serpent slain.

Christ is the Pelican, so kindly good,
That heals his brethren with his heart's dear blood,
And brings them safely back to life again,
When they, thro' sin, had been by Satan slain.

There is no salve, that ever yet was found,
Nor medicine, can heal sin's deadly wound,
Besides our blessed Saviour's precious blood,
The sole specific, that can do us good!

Christ is the Pearl, which we shou'd all explore,
The man, who has it, never can be poor!
To find it, over lands and oceans haste —
To purchase it, when found, sell all thou hast.

Christ is himself the whole that's requisite,
(To save our souls) in the Almighty's sight:
For nought can to the Deity atone
For the lost souls of men, but Christ alone.

'Tis Christ himself, and it is Christ alone,
Christ unassisted, and Christ league'd with none —
Christ, without ought but Christ himself, can keep
The souls of men from Hell's unfathom'd deep.

Christ is the ransom, for transgression paid —
Christ is our off'ring, sacrifice, and aid —
Christ is our treasure — Christ's our only gain —
Christ is the Saviour of the faithful train.

Christ is with ev'ry useful gift replete,
Which for the souls of sinful men is meet —
In Christ alone is found each saving grace,
Expedient to preserve a wretched race.

Christ is himself our perfect Righteousness —
Christ is our Wisdom, and our Holiness —
Christ sav'd us, and Christ bought us with a price
Christ is our comfort — Christ our Saviour is.

'Tis Christ, and Christ alone, that can assuage,
And totally remove his Father's rage —
'Tis Christ himself, and none, but Christ, that can
Restore, and justify, corrupted man.

Christ, without help from either man, or maid —
Christ, without any saint's, or saintess' aid —
Christ, and nought else but Christ alone, can keep
The souls of men from the wide-yawning deep.

Christ, and Christ only, felt the racking pain,
Whilst on the Cross He did for us remain;
And none assisted Him, to save us, then —
Not even one of all the sons of men.

Peter, thro' fear, his suff'ring Lord deny'd,
Th' Apostles either fled, or turn'd aside,
And timid Mary nothing did but weep:
Whilst Jesus only di'd to save the sheep.

No one but Christ himself has ever been
Beneath the cumbrous weight of all our sin:
None ever sweated drops of Blood before,
But Christ, when He our foul transgressions bore.

None for our sins, but Christ, was crucify'd,
Nor to redeem his chosen people di'd:
No one, but Christ, his father fully pleas'd —
No one, but Christ, our wounds' vast anguish eas'd.

No one, but Christ, cou'd pluck our souls away,
When they were otherwise the Devil's prey:
No one, but Christ, the tyrant Death o'er pow'r'd,
And the Devourer, none but he, devour'd.

Christ only has Death, grimfac'd monarch! foil'd
Christ only has all pow'rs that are, despoil'd —
Christ has the bond, that ti'd us down, repeal'd —
Christ paid our ransom, Christ our pardon seal'd.

'Twas Christ, our peace with the Almighty wrought,
'Twas Christ, our bliss and our Salvation bought,
'Twas Christ, that all of us God's children made —
'Twas Christ, that sav'd us by his potent aid.

'Twas Christ, and Christ alone, that did the whole,
And from distress drew each devoted soul:
Nothing but Christ alone, thro' God, can save
Our souls from hell, our bodies from the grave.

Ne'er was there Angel, Prophet, Saint of yore,
Nor any man, that woman ever bore,
Nor any one but Christ himself, who e'er
Did as the Saviour of mankind appear.

Our God, to save a Race forlorn, thinks fit
No angel's mediation to admit,
No mortal's merits, or no martyr's blood,
Nought but Christ's own, can do a Christian good.

Christ is for sin the prop'rest recompence,
There can't a better be for man's offence,
A smaller recompence can't be allow'd,
(So vile is sin!) than the Beloved's blood.

Put no man's blood with Christ's upon a par,
And no one's merit's e'er with Christ's compare:
The blood of sinful wretches, such as we,
Can never with our Saviour's blood agree.

The blood of Christ, his covenanted blood
Alone, can cleanse transgression's fetid flood:
For not the blood of all the martyrs slain
Can wash away thy very slightest stain.

'Tis not a work by saints, or angels, done,
But 'tis the Work of Jesus Christ alone,
Th' endanger'd souls of sinful men to save
From Satan's wiles, from hell, and from the grave.

Two sev'ral natures must in one unite,
E'er man can shun the gloomy realms of night;
Before our ever-blest Redeemer can
Preserve one soul, he must be God and man.

The Work of God or man alone, can't keep
A single sinner from hell's hideous deep:
But God and Man, united both in one,
Can for the sins of all the World atone.

Mankind's Redeemer must be God and man,
E'er He (consider well the wond'rous plan!)
Can save thy soul, and set it wholly free
From penal fire, and endless misery.

He must be God, and for his might ador'd,
E'er He can stay the fury of the Lord,
And rescue thee from Satan, and the foes
Of ev'ry sort, that wou'd thy bliss oppose.

E'er He for man can suffer,— He must be
A Man, from ev'ry vice and error free,
Whose death must be equivalent to all
The deaths of those on this terrestrial ball.

In all the earth beneath, or skies above,
There's not a Saviour so replete with love,
As the incarnate Word — nor such another
As Jesus Christ, our God, and yet our brother.

There's not a creature of all those that dwell
On earth, can save a single soul from hell;
That is a task, no other power can
Perform, but our Redeemer, God and Man.

There is no sure Salvation to be found,
Tho' you shou'd search the universe around,
But that which is thro' Jesus Christ attain'd,
Whom God, to rescue us from death, ordain'd.

There is no name beneath the copes of heaven,
No other name to sinful mortals given,
Whereby they may be sav'd from death, but One;
And that's the name of Jesus Christ alone.

God will of none, but Jesus Christ admit,
To be his partner — none besides is fit
To be with Him in the great Work conjoin'd,
Which is to save the souls of all mankind.

The Son of God himself is not inclin'd,
That any creature shou'd with Him be join'd,
The world's Salvation fully to secure!
For who like Him, is perfect? who is pure?

He, of Himself, will save his chosen race,
Or else He never will in any case,
(So inconsistent's the conjunction!) deign
With any creature in the Work to join.

Christ will not give (how good soe'er they are)
To saint or angel, any part or share,
To man, or idol form'd of gold or stone,
Of th' adoration due to Him alone.

Shou'd any be of so insane a mind,
As to attempt another guard to find,
Let Him, who lists, the pow'rless guard pursue;
But let him nothing have, with Christ, to do.

To Saints, or Images,—let some apply,
And on their impotent support rely;
But my poor soul will never seek for one
To give it aid, but Jesus Christ alone.

Give me, O God! thy well beloved Son,
'Tis Christ, 'tis Jesus Christ, I beg alone,
Whate'er, besides, thou addest to my store,
Give me but Christ, and I shall ask no more.

Give me, O God! for my Protector, Christ —
Give me Christ for my King, and for my Priest,
My Prophet, my Redeemer, and Support,
To whom I may in each Distress resort!

Tho' nought but Christ shou'd to my share be given
By our immortal Sire, that dwells in heaven,
I have enough — I have the whole I crave,
If I have Christ — though nothing else I have.

If I have Christ, He'll change my nature quite,
And make the child of hell, a child of light —
From Satan's slave, and from a man undone,
I then shall be Christ's member, and God's son.

Though I shou'd gold and silver have in store,
With houses, and wide manors in my pow'r,
What boots it, ev'ry thing I want, to have,
Unless I've Christ, my sinful soul to save?

Take out my heart — take out my precious eyes —
Take all my wealth, my friends, whom most I prize;
Take all, in hort, I have :— but don't, I pray,
Take my Redeemer, Jesus Christ away.

Let Soldiers talk of wars, and battles fought —
Let Sailors talk of wealth from India brought —
Let Misers talk of chests with gold well stor'd —
But let the Christian's talk be of the Lord.