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A Grain Offering

An anonymous reciprocal
grain offering, giving in love
for the brother, who each
believed more deserving,
more worthy for the gift
of a bit of flour
milled in their work
given in stealth, in the dark,
in love for their brother.
How wonderful an example
woven into the story of brothers
the struggle of competition
of war and bitterness,
an example of love instead
of thinking of your brother first
giving from the heart
without hope of reward
an example of love
for our brothers and sisters
we can all use

March 18, 2007 20:10
Based on sermon entitled "Brothers" by the Reverend Peter Hey,
Wesley United Methodist Church, Concord, NH
March 18, 2007
Luke 15:1-3; Luke 15:11b-32
(see also the text starting in the 9th paragraph about the old Jewish story
of two brothers in the flour milling: http://www.day1.net/index.php5?view=transcripts&tid=24)

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