Famous Robert Browning Quotes

Listed in: Inspirational Quotes

On Love:

Love is energy of life.

All is beauty:
And knowing this, is love, and love is duty.
(From: The Guardian-angel)

Love is best!
(From: Love Among The Ruins)

On Life:

My life is a fault at last, I fear:
It seems too much like a fate, indeed!
(From: Life In A Bottle)

There, the whole day long, one’s life is a perfect feast;
While up at a villa one lives, I maintain it, no more than a beast.
(From: Up At A Villa- Down In The City)

Life is an empty dream.

On Death:

How he lies in his rights of a man Death has done all death can. And absorbed in the new life he leads, He recks not, he heeds Nor his wrong nor my vengeance both strike On his senses alike, And are lost in the solemn and strange Surprise of the change.

On God:

God is the perfect poet.

O world, as God has made it!
(From: The Guardian-angel)

God is the perfect poet, Who in his person acts his own creations.

O world, as God has made it All is beauty.

Other heights in other lives, God willing.