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Going To Heaven
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Two young grandsons spent the afternoon everyday with their grandparents after school. The youngsters were quite active and frequently got into mischief. On such occasions -- the grandmother patiently spoke with the boys and encouraged them to be kind to each other -- so they would " make Jesus happy and go to Heaven". However, the grandfather grew weary of the boys misbehavior and frequently yelled, bellowed, and screamed at them for their actions.

One day the grandmother overheard her two grandsons talking in the living room. The oldest grandson said -- "_____, you're not going to go to Heaven, 'cause you keep acting bad". The youngest grandson replied, "I'm going to be here with granddaddy?"

When this account was recited to the grandfather, he was shocked! But quickly realized that he was giving an account of himself that he did not intend and tried to exhibit a kinder, gentler nature towards his grandsons.

The moral of this true story is to remember to be kind to others. Your actions really do speak volumes about who you serve and make a real impression on others -- particularly family members. What do your actions say about who you serve?

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