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18 Holes in His Mind  (by: Author Unknown)
Major James Nesmeth had a dream of improving his golf game -and he developed a unique method of achieving his goal. Until he devised this method, he was just your average weekend golfer, shooting in mid- to low-nineties.
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Average Person, An  (by: Brian Tracy)
What does it take to succeed on a big scale? A tremendous god-given talent? Inherited wealth? A decade of postgraduate education? Connections with the top people in your field?
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Focus Your Thinking  (by: Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R.)
On a clear, bright sunny day take powerful magnifying glass and a stack of newspapers and go outside for an experiment. Hold the magnifying glass over a pile of crumpled pages. Even though you are magnifying the power of the sun's rays through the glass lens, you will never start a fire - if you keep moving the glass.
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Imaging  (by: Neil Eskelin)
Arnold Schwarzenegger won the title of Mr. Universe seven times. But he didn't keep his title by only pumping iron. As part of his workout routine, he would frequently go into the corner ofthe gym and visualize himself winning the title again.
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Keep Your Goals in Sight  (by: Author Unknown)
When she looked ahead, Florence Chadwick saw nothing but a solid wall of fog. Her body was numb. She had been swimming for nearly sixteen hours.
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Secret of Jimmy Yen, The  (by: Adam Khan)
A jury of distinguished scholars and scientists, including Albert Einstein and Orville Wright thought enough of Jimmy Yen to vote him one of the top ten Modern Revolutionaries of the Twentieth Century. Yet all he did was teach Chinese peasants to read.
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Ten-Cent Idea, A  (by: Author Unknown)
When young F. W. Woolworth was a store clerk, he tried to convince his boss to have a ten-cent sale to reduce inventory. The boss agreed, and the idea was a resounding success.
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