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Appointment with Love  (by: Sulamith Ish-Kishor)
Six minutes to six, said the great round clock over the information booth in Grand Central Station. The tall young Army lieutenant who had just come from the direction of the tracks lifted his sunburned face, and his eyes narrowed to note the exact time.
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Big Oak Tree  (by: T. Lynn)
Tommy was eleven and Sabrina soon would be.
Every morning they would meet beside the big oak tree.
In the summer, they would play together in the sun
And sit beneath the big oak tree when the day was done.
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Lovely Coincidence  (by: Author Unknown)
In 1945, there was a young boy of 14 in a concentration camp. He was tall, thin but had a bright smile. Every day, a young girl came by on the other side of the fence. She noticed the boy and asked him if he spoke Polish, and he said yes. She said he'd looked hungry, and he said he was. She then reached in her pocket and gave him her apple.
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