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For ridding oneself of faith is like boiling seawater to retrieve the salt--something is gained but something is lost.

("White Teeth")

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Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.
Zadie Smith

So there existed fathers who dealt in the present, who didn't drag ancient history around like a ball and chain. So there were men who were not neck-deep and sinking in the quagmire of the past.
Zadie Smith

Full stories are as rare as honesty.
Zadie Smith

Greeting cards routinely tell us everyone deserves love. No. Everyone deserves clean water. Not everyone deserves love all of the time.
Zadie Smith

These days, it feels to me like you make a devil's pact when you walk into this country. You hand over your passport at the check-in, you get stamped, you want to make a little money, get yourself started... but you mean to go back! Who would want to stay? Cold, wet, miserable; terrible food, dreadful newspapers - who would want to stay? In a place where you are never welcomed, only tolerated. Just tolerated. Like you are an animal finally house-trained.
Zadie Smith

When the male organ of a man stands erect, two thirds of his intelect go away. And one third of his religion.
Zadie Smith

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