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(About Happiness, Redemption & Salvation)

Can there be any happiness greater than the happiness of salvation?

("Life of Pi")

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For the first time I noticed - as I would notice repeatedly during my ordeal, between one throe of agony and the next - that my suffering was taking place in a grand setting. I saw my suffering for what it was, finite and insignificant, and I was still. My suffering did not fit anywhere, I realized. And I could accept this. It was all right.
Yann Martel

My life is like a memento mori painting from European art: there is always a grinning skull at my side to remind me of the folly of human ambition.
Yann Martel

Life is a peephole, a single tiny entry onto a vastness--how can I not dwell on this brief, cramped view of things? This peephole is all I've got!
Yann Martel

Catholics have a reputation for severity, for judgment that comes down heavily.
Yann Martel

The main battlefield of good is not the open ground of the publis arena, but the small clearing of each heart.
Yann Martel

If you stumble at mere believability, what are you living for? Isn't love hard to believe?
Yann Martel

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