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(About Life, Sadness)

Blessed be shock. Blessed be the part of us that protects us from too much pain and sorrow. At the heart of life is a fusebox.

("Life of Pi")

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My ears were full. Nothing more, not one more sound, could push into them and be registered.
Yann Martel

Scientists are a friendly, atheistic, hard-working, beer-drinking lot whose minds are preoccupied with sex, chess and baseball when they are not preoccupied with science.
Yann Martel

It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life.
Yann Martel

The paths to liberation are numerous, but the bank along the way is always the same, the Bank of Karma, where the liberation account of each of us is credited or debited depending on our actions.
Yann Martel

Misery loves company, and madness calls it forth.
Yann Martel

My gratitude to him is as boundless as the Pacific ocean.
Yann Martel

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