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Till then, think of the world.

(The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar)

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It is not strange that even our loves should change with our fortunes.
William Shakespeare

And yet, to times in hope, my verse shall stand,Praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.
William Shakespeare

I have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people.
William Shakespeare

I grant thou wert not married to my Muse,
And therefore mayst without attaint o'erlook
The dedicated words which writers use
Of their fair subject, blessing every book.
William Shakespeare

'Tis known, Achilles, that you are in love
With one of Priam's daughters.
William Shakespeare

Therefore should every soldier in the wars do as every sick man
in his bed- wash every mote out of his conscience; and dying so,
death is to him advantage; or not dying, the time was blessedly
lost wherein such preparation was gained; and in him that escapes
it were not sin to think that, making God so free an offer, He
let him outlive that day to see His greatness, and to teach
others how they should prepare.
William Shakespeare

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