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(About God)

So 'a cried out 'God, God, God!

(The Life Of King Henry The Fifth)

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For murder, though it have no tongue, will speak - With most miraculous organ
William Shakespeare

A hit, a very palpable hit.
William Shakespeare

O, no the apprehension of the goodGives but the greater feeling to the worse.
William Shakespeare

I am yet
Unknown to woman, never was forsworn,
Scarcely have coveted what was mine own,
At no time broke my faith, would not betray
The devil to his fellow, and delight
No less in truth than life.
William Shakespeare

That god forbid, that made me first your slave,
I should in thought control your times of pleasure,
Or at your hand th' account of hours to crave,
Being your vassal bound to stay your leisure!
William Shakespeare

I, I, I myself
sometimes, leaving the fear of God on the left hand, and hiding
mine honour in my necessity, am fain to shuffle, to hedge,
and to lurch; and yet you, rogue, will ensconce your rags,
your cat-a-mountain looks, your red-lattice phrases, and
your bold-beating oaths, under the shelter of your honour!
William Shakespeare

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