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My lord, I love you;
And durst commend a secret to your ear
Much weightier than this work.

(King Henry The Eighth)

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There is an old poor man
Who after me hath many a weary step
Limp'd in pure love; till he be first suffic'd,
Oppress'd with two weak evils, age and hunger,
I will not touch a bit.
William Shakespeare

True concord of well-tuned sounds.
William Shakespeare

Faith, I have been a truant in the law
And never yet could frame my will to it;
And therefore frame the law unto my will.
William Shakespeare

Knock at his study, where they say he keeps
To ruminate strange plots of dire revenge;
Tell him Revenge is come to join with him,
And work confusion on his enemies.
William Shakespeare

O my accursed womb, the bed of death!
William Shakespeare

Lord Bacon told Sir Edward Coke when he was boasting, The less you speak of your greatness, the more shall I think of it.
William Shakespeare

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