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(About Love, Sense & Perception)

It is as easy to count atomies as to resolve the
propositions of a lover; but take a taste of my finding him, and
relish it with good observance.

(As You Like It)

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The liquid drops of tears that you have shed Shall come again, transformed to orient pearl, Advantaging their loan with interest Of ten times double gain of happiness.
William Shakespeare

If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men's cottage princes' palaces.
William Shakespeare

Faith, I will live so long as I may, that's the certain of it;
and when I cannot live any longer, I will do as I may.
William Shakespeare

Sweet roses do not so;
Of their sweet deaths are sweetest odours made.
William Shakespeare

All friends shall taste
The wages of their virtue, and all foes
The cup of their deservings.
William Shakespeare

Is it thy spirit that thou send'st from thee
So far from home into my deeds to pry,
To find out shames and idle hours in me,
The scope and tenure of thy jealousy?
William Shakespeare

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