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Young people that might have stayed or might have come from other places are now going to move somewhere else.

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People make moves largely on the basis of they've got jobs somewhere, housing costs. But lifestyle, people generally don't take that into account. If you have an opportunity, stay there for a couple of weeks. Sit down and talk to people who have just made that move. Find out what issues they have.
William Frey

Immigration is good for the United States ... it's important for us to keep our doors open, but we need to keep an eye on the people coming in, ... While initially it will be a state problem, eventually it will be a national issue, and education is the best way to deal with it.
William Frey

Something like 72 percent of the nation's growth in the black population is taking place in the South. I think it has something to do with a cultural comfort zone. I think there is this long-term connection that African Americans feel with that region that they don't quite have with the other parts of the country.
William Frey

What you've got here is a mass movement of a whole city that is going to take a long time to revive in any kind of way, especially for a large part of the residential population. Whether they come back, nobody really knows. This is a totally new situation.
William Frey

I think low density is the attraction. People would rather make a long commute and have a big yard and a big house.
William Frey

There is this 'Go East' mentality in California. Even people who have lived there most of their lives, when it comes time to retire are cashing out and leaving.
William Frey

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