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In the new destination states, it's a small share of the population, but it's growing fast. Immigrants coming in to these states tend to be lower income, more likely to be in low-skill, blue-collar jobs, and tend to be more likely to be undocumented (illegal) than the ones in the traditional magnet states. It's no wonder there's a public reaction to the new immigrants coming in these new destination states.

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Back 30 or 40 years ago when people thought about where they'd move it was based on jobs. Now housing is as much of a factor.
William Frey

We've been going west forever. Movement to the South has tended to occur more after World War II.
William Frey

People make moves largely on the basis of they've got jobs somewhere, housing costs. But lifestyle, people generally don't take that into account. If you have an opportunity, stay there for a couple of weeks. Sit down and talk to people who have just made that move. Find out what issues they have.
William Frey

These minorities are now spilling to parts of the country the interior Sun Belt, suburbs and exurbs which were once bastions of middle-class whites. As a consequence, white-bread America is experiencing diversity firsthand, rather than in magazines or TV images. ... Politicians are going to have to figure out how to satisfy both groups.
William Frey

This is really the first wave of black seniors who got established into the middle class. This is the first wave of black baby boomers who are starting to get into active adult age ... who were able to benefit from civil rights legislation and were able to get in to the middle class.
William Frey

What you've got here is a mass movement of a whole city that is going to take a long time to revive in any kind of way, especially for a large part of the residential population. Whether they come back, nobody really knows. This is a totally new situation.
William Frey

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