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If it takes a year or two, there will be significant resettling back in New Orleans, ... then people sort of get on with their lives.

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Back 30 or 40 years ago when people thought about where they'd move it was based on jobs. Now housing is as much of a factor.
William Frey

You're the first kid on the block when you come into some of these neighborhoods and it's not always easy. There will have to be a little bit of accommodation from both the newcomers and the people already there.
William Frey

D.C. is like a revolving door. These young people move in and then they move out when they want to have kids.
William Frey

The vast majority are hanging close to home. Then there is a sign of some people really making some permanent moves away.
William Frey

These are two major waves in America. One is the black return to the South. The other is Hispanics going to places where everybody else is moving, following the jobs.
William Frey

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