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The fool's crime is the crime that is found out and the wise man's crime is the crime that is not found out.

("The Woman in White")

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She looked so irresistibly beautiful as she said those brave words that no man alive could have steel his heart against her.
Wilkie Collins

Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.
Wilkie Collins

It is the nature of truth to struggle to the light.
Wilkie Collins

Your tears come easy, when you're young, and beginning the world. Your tears come easy, when you're old, and leaving it.
Wilkie Collins

Not the shadow of a doubt crossed my mind of the purpose for which the Count had left the theatre. His escape from us, that evening, was beyond all question the preliminary only to his escape from London. The mark of the Brotherhood was on his arm-I felt as certain of it as if he had shown me the brand; and the betrayal of the Brotherhood was on his conscience-I had seen it in his recognition of Pesca.
Wilkie Collins

I am an average good Christian, when you don't push my Christianity too far. And all the rest of you150which is a great comfort150are, in this respect, much the same as I am.
Wilkie Collins

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