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When we become a really mature, grown-up, wise society, we will put teachers at the center of the community, where they belong. We don't honor them enough, we don't pay them enough.

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TV critics, who traditionally hate television and make their living writing about it, often didn't like what I did on the air.
Charles Kuralt

I would like to explore some side roads in life while I am still in good health and good spirits.
Charles Kuralt

I remember being in the public library and my jaw just aching as I looked around at all those books I wanted to read. There just wasn't time enough to read everything I wanted to read.
Charles Kuralt

I don't think one should ever come to my stage of life and have to look back and say, Gosh. I wish I hadn't spent all those years doing that job I was never really interested in.
Charles Kuralt

I recognize that I had a good deal of good luck in my life. I came along at a time when it was pretty easy to get a job in journalism. I went to work at CBS News when I was about 22, and within a year or so was reporting on the air.
Charles Kuralt

an incredible wealth of human kindness.
Charles Kuralt

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